Daycare/MIL anxiety

So I am 16w3d and I have been looking around at daycares since I will most likely have to go back to work 8 or so weeks after birth. My mother in law has hinted around to possibly wanting to babysit. My husband is all for this. MIL and I have a good relationship but there has been some times she’s overstepped in my opinion. I feel that she wouldn’t always respect my wishes with the baby. This is my first baby and I am very emotional. I am crying today because I’m afraid my baby will think my MIL or some other woman at the daycare is his mom because they get to be around him more than me. I know it’s crazy and I am emotional. But ultimately I’m going to do what’s best for my baby. I know he will be taken care of with her and he would be much less likely to be sick all the time. I think I’m feeling like this because I might lose control. Am I the only one? 😭😭

-Crazy first time mom