Someone please tell me it gets better


🙋Who else hates breastfeeding as much as I do?

LO is 2 weeks old today. I've seen a fabulous lactation consultant twice. Everything is great when we are there and then we get home and it all goes to crap.

I'm having such a hard time getting a good latch on the right and my nipple is really scabbed and sore. So I'm pumping on the right and breastfeeding on the left only, at least until my nipple heals. But I can only get an ounce in 15 minutes of pumping which just feels so discouraging.

I truly hate it. Breastfeeding is the only thing that has made me cry since getting her home and it's a daily occurrence. It's so incredibly frustrating and I definitely do not feel like it's some great bonding experience with her. I feel trapped and uncomfortable every session.

I thought it was supposed to be getting easier, but it's not. It just makes me upset...