Found out I was pregnant on New Year’s <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a>. Took 3 tests. All positives. Been having all the pregnancy symptoms. Just 2 days ago I was puking. That night I had sex and had a little bit of blood while wiping. Thursday my hcg tested at 526. Last night I was bleeding a little more. But through the night I didn’t bleed. This morning I woke up and the bleeding got a little heavier. Got my blood tested again and it was 900 something. She said it was going up slower than she’d like but not to worry unless things got bad and said to get more blood work on Wednesday. Had mild cramps and went to work. While at work I passed a huge clot. But no cramps rn. When I had my first miscarriage I cramped and bled forever. I’m about to go to the hospital but has anyone went through this and it be okay..? Sorry for the terrible picture but I need the info I can get

Update. My bleeding has almost stopped completely. My doctor told me to not go to the hospital unless the bleeding worsens or I’m in pain. Still no cramping. But only a headache and super fatigue. Having a ultrasound done in the morning. Keep reading some positive stories online so keeping my fingers crossed cause my doctor didn’t sound too nervous. We will see

Update. Went to the doctor and was bleeding so bad that the swab process was terrible. (Boyfriend was freaking out cause all the blood) she did a ultrasound and said it’s still so small she can’t see anything but doesn’t believe anything is there. Going for blood work again tomorrow morning. Progesterone is going down. She’s gonna test my thyroid tomorrow too cause I have that running in my family as well as pcos. My heart is broken. Being there feeling the blood as I seen happy pregnant people walking in and out broke me. Hopefully we can get my body figured out and I can have my rainbow baby soon. Thanks for all who cared for an update and gave me amazing advice. I’m just so depressed cause all I have are these two little lines. I don’t see it as just a miscarriage. I lost my little baby.. and this is all I have