weird creepy mil


My Mil.... I could write a book about the crazy things shes done. Shes a loner. She has no friends. Not a single one. She basically hates everyone but her son/my husband (only child) and her husband. Shes the ugliest person both inside and out. She looks like a bassett hound 🤣. She thinks her son is too good for me. And she claims my daughter looks like her.. which is offensive because not only is my daughter the mirror image of my baby photos, but mil.... woof. So when I was pregnant with #1.. she was so dissapointed she cried for a week to her in laws about how worthless I was.. because she wanted a girl but I was having a boy. When he was born, she thought I would leave him with her and go to work. Even though she is mentally unstable. She was never once allowed to babysit.. shes just really really weird. Once she put goldfish in the microwave to keep them warm. She killed every pet we got her and is slowly killing her dog by feeding it nothing but fried chicken. She wanted to take a bath in her bathtub with my son and her dog 🤮 When I got pregnant with #2, she judt got weirder. My second is a girl and she just constantly talks about how I wouldnt let her watch me breastfeed.. how unfair it is that I wont let her because she wasnt able to breastfeed my husband due to all the meds she was on. She calls my daughter her daughter.. and whenever I get mommy/me clothes, she goes out and buys the same thing! I brought it up to my husband and he keeps telling me imitation is the highest form of flattery. I just want to punch him. Shes also the super jealous type. She has to know everything my husband buys me and has fil buy her the same. She openly talks crap about my mom bc her in laws will say my mom (former model) is pretty and cooks well and she'll tell them she doesnt think my mom is pretty at all. Whenever I scold my daughter, she says "Bad mommy.. come to grandma. I'll protect you". God I hate her guts. Am I supposed to be ok with her copying all everything mommy/daughter related?