Want another baby

This is a more I just want to share and feel free to comment though!

So I am 19 about to be 20 and I already have a 16 month old daughter. I love being a mom more than anything in the world. my now husband and I didn't plan to have our daughter and after I had her I got an iud placed. I have been having so much baby fever. I see her and I want another one, I see people post about their births and I miss being pregnant and having a little tiny baby and i want it to be soon because i want them to be a little bit close in age. and I just think we can really do this. We have our own home and we are stable. And well i was talking to him last night and I told him I wanted another baby and to my surprise he agreed and we want this baby to have a birthday around when his birthday is because our daughters birthday is near mine.

I'm excited to get my iud out and try for baby #2!