Denied pregnancy..?

I think I may be experiencing what is called a “denied pregnancy”..

*** DISCLAIMER *** I have an appointment with my doctor next week to get some tests done so we’ll see what doc says!

So here’s a little background of my situation.

Husband and I started ttc in August. Before officially trying my periods were normal, on time every month and my cycle length was about 28 days. Then we started trying. Around my birthday actually is when I was ovulating so we got to it! My period was a few days late but all hpts were negative so I brushed it off and moved on. Next cycle we tried again. This time my period was 15 days late. Negative hpts again. Everyone kept telling me it could be stress and of course I believed it so I did my best to follow advice from you lovely ladies and cut as much stress out of my life as I could. Tried not to think about it but obviously I can’t help but think about it. I would take deep breaths and always tell myself not to get my hopes up etc etc. Then on our 3rd cycle trying my period was 47 days late. Negative hpts. Through all of this I didn’t go see a doctor cause everyone kept telling me “you’re most likely not pregnant”

But I just can’t shake this feeling. Since August I’ve experienced almost every symptom in the book but I was afraid I was “symptom spotting” as some of you call it. I’ve been dealing with on and off mild nausea since then. Back aches, swollen breasts, more noticeable veins in my breasts, areola’s are slightly bigger than usual (husband pointed it out), weird vivid dreams, loss of appetite, and more recently vomiting and not being able to stand the smell of cooked meat. I’ve felt movements that I haven’t felt before but again, equated it to gas. If I did in fact conceive in August, the movements I’m feeling line up with the gestation I could be (22 weeks).

I’m a little overweight as well and have been losing weight steadily for a few weeks now. (started at 209lbs now down to 197lbs)

Sometimes I feel tightening in my lower abdomen... there’s just all this stuff that points to pregnancy but everyone else says otherwise. I feel I put myself in denial because everyone kept saying “your symptom spotting” “you can’t be pregnant you would’ve had a positive hpt by now”

My mom is constantly asking if I’m pregnant to which I tell her “no I’m pretty sure I’m not” told her I was still getting my period and she said “I got my period for 3 months before I found out I was pregnant with your sister” so now I just don’t freaking know what to believe.

I started doing some “research” and found out about denied pregnancy. Of course I already knew most of this though. I know it’s possible to be 5 months along and not know it and some women don’t even know until they’re in active labor. I’ve heard stories and personally experienced them with friends and family members throughout the years.

So what do you ladies think?

And if you read all of this you’re a freaking saint lol.