I had my tubes tied almost 8 years ago

I had to have a c-section with all of our children but when we had our youngest when I was on the table the doctor said and that if I ever got pregnant again both the child and I would not survive because my uterus wall was so thin she could see his eyebrows which were blonde. so she tied my tubes while I was under with no consent as soon as I came out of surgery and went into recovery within 5 minutes she came in with papers for me to sign now here we almost 8 years later and I found out this was not true because your uterus wall gets thicker every time you have your period and we are wanting to have more kids now. so my question is what are my chances of getting pregnant after having my tubes tied and if there isn't any chances what can I have done to where we can have more kid...and is there anyone else out there that has gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied I would love to hear your story thank you..