Bankruptcy effects on marriage

My husband and I filed for bankruptcy.

You see....

My dear husband has end stage renal failure at 25 years old and is also an undocumented Mexican immigrant who was brought here before the age of 2. Him being an immigrant, he couldn’t apply for any kind of assistance for his ever growing medical debt (this is not a political post, I will not be entertaining comments about the politics of this, have your opinions all you want, but I won’t be responding) and this means we have over $120,000 in medical debt owed to ONE HOSPITAL alone. The total of all our debt when we filed for bankruptcy was $180,000. That’s ALL medical bills and one credit card with a limit of $1,000 (because you can’t pick and choose the creditors you want to pay back).

Anyways, my husband has been feeling a lot of guilt about this. He feels like he’s ruining my life, when in reality I’d gladly live on the streets if it meant he was alive and by my side. I’d go to the ends of the earth to get him the medical care he needs and idk how to convey this to him. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried telling him all this and he just can’t stop feeling this overwhelming sadness that my life would be better without him.

It’s just not true. He’s my best friend and he’s my everything. We finish each other’s sentences and we always make each other laugh. Sure we have our fights but never once, even in our biggest fight, have I ever thought that I’d be better off.

It just breaks my heart.