Update: Sisters-in-law and her kids

Fair warning this is a rant!

So my sister in law is a lazy parent, I was the one to buy her oldest a car seat 4 years ago! She has since outgrown it and I told her today that she needs a new car seat the straps will not move to tighten or loosen it reeks of cigarette smoke and she’s way to big for it! She’s going to be 5 this year and she’s tall for her age. When I mentioned all of this she says it’s fine and she doesn’t see the need for her to get a new one. And when I say lazy parent I mean her kids are 3 and 4 , almost 4 and 5 and she’s never once taken them to the dentist! Her kids haven’t been to appointments since they were 2 and that’s because I took them! So they’re behind on shots probably have cavities because all her kids eat is sugary crap and I’m sooo sick of it! I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent but this is ridiculous! It’s nothing to do with anything other than she’s lazy because I’ve asked her and yes that’s her answer ALWAYS!! Why haven’t I made sure my kids are in good health and are up to date on shots and the dentist? Because I’m lazy.

Back to the car seat issue, they bought the younger one a new car seat 2 years ago and that one will be outgrown by next year. She has no proper car seat information she doesn’t place the chest piece at the chest or tighten the straps. I mean I shouldn’t be this worked up about their car seats anyways because they never take their kids out anywhere! Which is really sad. They leave them home and they go out places and they they never leave the inside of the house which is a very small cramped living arrangement.

Ugh I’m just so frustrated about my niece and nephews safety and no one cares.


The kids are not left home alone but with the babysitter they have they might as well be home alone because they don’t watch the kids they just play video games and ignore them. They smoke in the car but agin they never take their kids anywhere. Yes our state has made it illegal to smoke in the car with the kids. She has had cps in her home but that was because she had custody of her mom’s daughter at the time. She was able to pass their inspections so I’m not sure what more I can do since she passed their inspection?