Rainbow Light Prenatal & Men's Health Vitamins side effects

My husband and I just started taking vitamins together. We have an 8 year old daughter and a TTC our 2nd child. We've been kind of "trying" for a year and really trying for about 5 or 6 months. With no success and a close call about a week ago... (so close I took a pregnanct test...but no go)... so I have been researching vitamins... I came across Rainbow Light and found they were rated pretty high. When I went to my local health food store to purchase them, I discovered they also made a Men's health version so I bought that for my husband. We both take them together everyday for 3 days now and we have noticed since day one our urine has both been neon yellow... has anyone else had this happen? I never had this with my daughter...but I took the prenatal my dr. Prescribed me... anyone know why this is happening?