TTC baby #2 after mirena

Ok so I had my mirena iud removed on December 14th after having it in for 9.5 years (only supposed to have for 5) but I always checked on it and it was always in place and continued to do it's job. My doctor told me after I had it removed (which went as it was supposed to) that I should have no problems getting pregnant right away due to the fact I wouldn't have to wait for the hormones to get out if my system since the iud was old it no longer produced the hormones.

About 2 days after removal I had light bleeding for about 4 days (which I learned was removal bleeding) and started having sex every other day with my husband since I had no idea when I ovulate due to no periods while on the iud. Then on Jan 2nd I got my REAL period. I bled very very heavily and it stopped on the 7th. Again I can't track ovulation based off 1 period so we have been having sex every other day since the 7th again. I know i just started ttc but my daughter is almost 10 (I just turned 30) and I've wanted a baby for a long time and I just wanted to know if having sex every other day will give me a good chance to conceive as soon as possible? And lots of love and prayers to all you mommas ttc and who have had miscarriages.