Am I wrong for being upset?

Okay so first off, I am a military wife so I’m not only married to a soldier but I’m married to the army pretty much. We take leave when we can (go back home) which is 1,000 miles from where we are stationed. I’m currently pregnant, and it’s our first. I’m due in a few days and I have no family around but about 6-7 months ago I asked my nana, sister, and aunts if one of them could come visit me and my husband and meet our baby a couple days or weeks after she’s born and help me a little after my husband has to go back to work ( he gets 10 days paternity leave ) because I’ll be alone, and it’s possible they will be making him leave for a month after she’s born for training. The thought of taking care of her alone with no one around terrifies me. But like I said I asked everyone 6-7 months ago and no one even tried to make plans to come see us, I understand flying can be expensive sometimes but I gave everyone months and months to save up for it and a lot of the times it’s under $200 to fly. I never had a dad, and my mother is in prison so the only people I have are my nana and my sister and aunts.. and it’s a big moment for me and I can’t go back there to have my baby because insurance wouldn’t cover it plus my husband would miss the birth because they don’t let them take paternity leave until after the baby is born and I would have to drive back 1,000 miles with a newborn after I just gave birth and I can’t do it. We won’t be able to bring our daughter down for everyone to see until she’s about five months old ..Am I wrong for being upset that no one made and effort to come see me?