Nurses sent home my birth partner

I was 2 weeks overdue and finally they let me get induced as baby was having funny periods of not moving so they put the pessary in and they told me don't worry nothing will probably happen until tomorrow it was 1pm and my mum is my birth partner it got to 6pm I told them I was feel bad cramps and they basically laughed it off like oh honey you got a storm coming so they told my mum to go home for the night as nothing was happening until tomorrow right right ? WRONG within an hour of my mum leaving 7pm my waters broke and the cramps got abit worse turns out they was just contractions and like I suspected I have a high pain tolerance so I quickly got on the phone to my mum telling her to get here as fast as she could I'm on the phone to her while they are removing the pescary and trying to get me a room in labour and delivery ... My mum arrived 30 mins before my daughter was born..not in labour and delivery I delivered in the women's ward they made 3 pregnant women and their husbands leave the room as I delivered my baby my mum almost missed the birth I didn't end up ever going to labour and delivery 😂