Horrible first trimester diet!!!

Before my pregnancy I was into health and fitness. Despite my recent weight gain I was on my way to losing it again and had begun clean eating. I previously lost 50lbs and had gained about 20 lbs back (175lbs to 125lbs and back to about 140-145lbs before pregnancy). Well Due to my weight loss I knew how to knock off the lbs quick while maintaining health but about a month in I found out I was pregnant, not just pregnant but with twins!!!! Since then I noticed the weight piling on so quick I cant keep up. I'm already top heavy(boobs) but they have already doubled in size and are overwhelming my 5'0 ft frame. Morning sickness last all day leaving me horribly nauseated but through the nausea I still have an appetite. So instead of not eating like most women with morning sickness, my appetite only becomes selective and I can only stand to eat what seems to be the worst things. I'm always hungry..... Always!! I just feel so horrible and feel like I'm going to be as big as a house when this pregnancy is over. I'm having a hard time controlling cravings already!!!