I feel like I’m cursed

Ive only had four serious relationships ,

The first one was 14-18 which the guy beat me broke my neck ect I sent him to jail we had a restraining order blablabla

THE SECOND THE RESTRAINING ORDER WAS DONE HE STARTED CONTACTING ME AGAIN . And still won’t stop three years after the fact even though I’ve blocked him on everything ect he makes fake accounts and tries to continue to talk to me , He really fucked me up soooo I guess I was kinda shitty to the next few boyfriends I had and I want nothing to do with him but he just won’t leave me alone

My ex after him I was with from 18-21, we had some issues like him not wanting a baby and me wanting nothing more then to have kids , he stopped sleeping with me for like 7 months countless times of me begging putting lingerie on and trying to seduce him with no luck ... I ended p cheating on him (I know I was young dumb and clearly a shitty person) and then I told him all about t because it ate me alive , we didn’t talk for yeaaars but he messaged me the other day saying he misses me ,

My children’s father was from 21-24 and my god the guy is still head over heels for me when honestly he treated me like shit when he had me , begs for me back and stuff all he time

And now my most recent ex I was with from 24-25 loves me MORE now that we’re not together and says he won’t stop trying to get me back .

Plus then all these other thirsty guys tryna et with me and saying they love me ect ,

I’m literally cursed or something ... I can’t just hook up with anyone because everyone falls in love and doesn’t leave me alone after ... I’m not sure if it’s my looks , or my personality , or the combination of the two but I just don’t get it ...🤷‍♀️