8 weeks exactly and I don’t feel pregnant anymore...


I went for my first ultrasound at 6w3d and saw my beautiful baby’s heart beating.

I was experiencing swollen breast, frequent urination, heart burn, nausea and overall just FEELING pregnant.

However on Thursday of last week.... I realized id gone the whole day with no nausea. I was kinda happy.

Friday my boobs were tender.... not swollen but definitely tender to the touch. Friday I literally went to the restroom 3 times in a one hour movie. And I only felt nauseous in the afternoon.

This weekend I had frequent urination and tender breast but not much else.

I’m convinced something has gone wrong and I just don’t think I am still pregnant. I have no pain, no cramping no bleeding.

My next appointment is January 30th should I wait until then should I go in? Has anyone wlse experienced anything similar?

**sidenote** I had a missed miscarriage last year at the same time so I could also be overly anxious. With this experience I had severe cramping and bleeding.