Ibs or early signs of pregnancy?! I'm going crazy!!

Evy • Pregnant with baby #1 due June 25!

Hello all!

The day after my period ended my SO and I had sex. Not even a few days later I felt like something was different, but I didn't think too far into it because I was expecting to ovulate the following week. Shortly after, I started feeling terrible gas, nausea, abdominal cramps and fatigue. A year ago, my doctor told me I might have Ibs, so I thought it was just a flare up. During my fertile window week, the symptoms worsened and I did have a day of very light spotting ( I've heard this could be from ovulation or implantation). Now the window has passed and the nausea is getting worse. I've tried eliminating ibs trigger foods and taking digestive enzymes but nothing seems to help! I'm desperate! Does anyone deal with ibs?! Is it possible I'm pregnant or just so happens I'm having an ibs flare up now? I'm trying so hard to wait to take a hpt because I hate seeing negatives but I just don't know what to do anymore!