Getting married!!

Terra • Married 2.2.19💍 Due 2.21.2020🤰🏼

In 18 more days I’m marrying my best friend.

He was the first person I ever felt comfortable sharing my secrets with. Slowly we got closer and closer. We have known each-other for about 7 years, dating for 3 years, and engaged 4 months, getting married in 18 days!

He’s the person I want to run home to every day to and tell every second of my day to. We are just so very excited

My life with him is an absolute dream come true. We have our ups and downs, like any couple but at the end of the day we curl up into each other and fall asleep in each other’s arms crazy in love. 💕💕

We have a 23 year age difference but honestly we never even think about it. And I really don’t even see that he’s 44 and I’m 21. It’s like we’re the same