Ttc for a year now


I’m starting to lose hope.. its no longer exciting to take a pregnancy test. We’ve been ttc for our second baby for a year now... I finally got a positive at the end of October but miscarried at 6 weeks 3 days on November 7th. Period was due today it didn’t show, but I tested yesterday morning and the test was negative. No period showed however some cycles are irregular, sometimes they’re on time. Two cycles before my miscarriage were 42-48 day cycles. My cycle after my miscarriage was 33 days.

I’m losing hope... and it hurts. I love that so many friends of mine are having babies but i also feel sad for myself in the same token. It is what it is.. anyways I just needed to vent...

I think my fiancé’s starting to give up on trying too. With my first baby it took us 6 months of ttc... I just don’t understand it. But I’m also tired of people saying it will happen when it happens.. they just don’t truly understand what I’m going through, but why should they? I would never wish this feeling upon anyone.. I’m just searching for the feeling of having a new baby in my arms, the newborn baby smells, the cuddles, their sweet sweet cries all of it. I’m grateful I was able to carry our first baby and watch her grow into such an independent, mommy loving toddler.