Stepmoms out there...

Terra • Married 2.2.19💍 Due 2.21.2020🤰🏼

So I’ve known his kids for 10 years. Kids are 10 and 13. I’ve known Cameron since he was born! Honestly I look at them like my own. I’ve really raised these kids and I’ve done it with and without my man. I’ve been through the good and bad with them. To the dentist appointments, pickup and drop off at school, dance classes, school function, sports, friends houses, everything. I honestly was blessed to have the ability to be with these kids since they were 3 and just born. I’ve always supported them

Lately the little boy has been saying he’s fat, he has put a little weight on but that’s usual!! He hasn’t hit his growth spirt yet! So he told me that he needed to lose weight and he’s fat. He’s barely eating any of his favorite foods, so starving himself. And he feels the need to walk on our treadmill at night when he is with us..... for an hour and thirty minutes.... so since I know the mom (we had been close before.... long story) I know she is for sure the type of person to tell cam he’s fat and he needs to lose weight. I just honestly don’t understand how a mother can tell her 10 year old he’s fat??? Like I don’t get it?? I’m trying my hardest to be the mom they need.

My man always tells me that I’m the mom he always wanted for his children. And my in laws told me that since I came into the kids lives full time they have seen a difference in the kids and their behavior. They don’t get mad as often and when they do they don’t flip out like the mom did....

So when my lovely man proposed, I made sure to include them as well.

This summer I surprised the kids and took my fiancé and the kids on an amazing trip to Disney. It was seriously a once in a lifetime trip. My dad always wanted to give me a life he never had and I want to do the same for my kids.

For all us step moms, just because we didn’t carry them in our wombs doesn’t mean we don’t love them like our own. Just because they are ours by marriage also doesn’t mean they aren’t ours. Being a step mom means loving them because you want to...not because you have to. That’s the most important thing. Us ladies are amazing mommies ❤️