Baby movements

Alisha • Married 6.7.2014❤️baby #1 born 6.2015❤️👼🏻baby #2 born 4.2018 at 21 weeks👼🏻❤️baby #3 born 3.2019❤️baby #4 due 10.2021❤️

This girl has been stressing me out since the weekend! I think she just switched positions but her movements have changed a lot and I don’t feel her as often and it’s stressing me out! I talked to the on call doctor over the weekend and my doctor today and they think things sound ok since I’m still feeling movements but ugh! This is just not like her normal self!! I really just want to go in tomorrow and get checked out to try and ease my mind. I lost a baby girl last April at 21 weeks (preterm labor 😔) and my 3 year old is SO excited to have a baby sister and has been waiting way too long to get one so I’m terrified of going through another loss 😔