I Thought It Was The Real Thing ☹️


Just got home from the hospital.

39 weeks today, and while I was cooking dinner, I got this sharp stabbing pain in my lower left side of my belly like I posted about on Saturday. It literally prevents me from walking, it’s a debilitating pain. It’s definitely the baby’s position. I tried moving around in different positions, took a hot shower, but it wasn’t letting up. My belly was getting so so tight, & I started having cramping along with it.

I was so hopeful things were really happening! After 2 hours, I called the doc and said I wanted to be checked. The stabbing pain was so bad, I wasn’t able to time the actual contractions. Went to L&D, and I was definitely having contractions, but not strong enough to cause any cervical change. I’m only dilated to a 1 and 30% effaced. They had me walk for about an hour and checked again, but no change. Last week I was thick and closed though, so I’m happy that my body is at least doing SOMETHING on its own since I was induced with my first.

Anyway, I’m still having contractions, but definitely bearable and I’m going to try to sleep & prayyyyyyy this baby makes his way out soon.

Let’s GO!