inconclusive scan?! i'm freaking out!! PLEASE help- what did the doctor mean?!

okay so last week i got a positive pregnancy test.....

so booked an appointment today at early scan unit to have transvaginal scan ... at 5 weeks 3 days

so i went in and they said they could see my uterine lining which was extremely thick and massively indicated a pregnancy,

however they couldn't see the feral pole or sac yet..... which they said can be one of three reasons...

either it's just extremely early and not showing yet..

it is likely to be a miscarriage (chemical pregnancy)

or it could mean it is an ectopic pregnancy,

so they did a urine test and it came back negative?!!!?

so then something weird happened

before the test the nurse said that of it was negative then she wouldn't do the bloods

well then the test came back negative and she runs out the room

into the doctor that did my scan.... and came back and said 'doctor said he would rather we do the bloods anyway just incase'

so i'm now waiting for the results which i should get today, but i'm freaking out!!!! has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?! or similar???? please help- i don't want to loose my fourth😞😞😞😞