Venting here I give up

I'm giving up. Back in March my husband said he wanted to try for another baby. Ever since that first month he has made me feel bad about trying. Almost like I'm "trying to get pregnant on purpose and all you care about is getting pregnant" it's made me so confused. Aren't we suppose to be trying? I don't get it. Every time I hunt for sex, play around, etc lately "he's too tired" or fights with me. Last night and the night before we bded tonight if I'm not misreading the strip I'm currently ovulating but guess what he's falling asleep. We took a shower together, we cuddled and then he told me he just wants to cuddle next thing I know he's asleep. I  haven't told him I'm using the strips either because forget that lol...anyways I give up. I'm not trying anymore. Good luck to the rest of you.