Agree to disagree.. How my relationship works

So me and my SO don't have a set of rules or what not we just go with the flow. So this is just like a list of what I kind and don't mind him doing. 
I don't mind: him going to a strip club and getting a lap dance as long as he with friends; I don't mind him talking to other female friends he has; i don't mind him looking at a woman's butt considering I do it too and tell them they have a nice butt; overall our relationship is straight forward. I'm confident he won't cheat or do nothing stupid to risk is being together and he feels the same way with me. 
There really isn't much that I am against. Just don't flash ur penis to any random girl I guess. Unless I'm around an can brag about it lol. 
If anyone wants to u can comment things I should or shouldn't mind I will tell u if I do or don't .