Case of the crazy.

ilovelee143 • Well, hey. I`m 29 and TTC my second child. I have a son named Joshua whom is 9 and a very loving boyfriend named Brent. oh, and I cannot forget my fur baby Koby.

I seriously feel like I'm losing it...

After 7 months of failed attempts of clomid and now starting letrozole. (also took progesterone and trigger shots), I feel as if I'm losing it.

All of my emotions are getting the best of me. The side effects are ridiculous and I've never been the raging bitch that I am today. I'm really beginning to worry about my well being, and sometimes also my relationship.

I want this so bad, but every time I turn around I am just let down. I no longer feel sexy, I no longer feel passion.

I'm sad and I'm really scared. Beginning to feel as if I have no purpose. I don't know what to do. I feel really pathetic even posting this also.

I'm sorry I'm advance if you were subjected to my negativity. I just need some kind encouraging words if anyone has any for me.