AF - 1 , Me - 0

Cecilia • 💙 Mommy to Liam Alexander 💙

Well, I was due for AF on the first, and starting at about 9dpo I was having some crazy symptoms. I was getting lightheaded (like when you're just starting to get a few shots of liquor in your system and you feel tipsy), had some weird cramping thing going on in the left side of my abdomen, and my ears were bright red and burning, like my body temperature just decided to skyrocket out of nowhere.

I was getting all excited.

Then AF came today. Dang. Oh well, had a bottle of peach booze and will try again next month!

In the meantime, DH and I are getting ready to move into our new apartment, so that's something to get me through AF!

Good luck to all you other ladies out there! 🍷😆