Abdominal pain, not sure what to do

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I need some help guys. I’m 18 and a half weeks. So right now I’m on lunch, from work, it’s 12:30. At like 9:00 this morning I started having kind of like a cramping in the left side of my stomach. Over the next hour it went to the left side of my back too and got worse.

It’s pretty bad, but not exactly contraction like and again only on the left side, but enough to slightly take my breath away but where I’m still able to get up and down at work (medical field). It’ll stop for literally a minute every 5-10 minutes. I thought it was maybe because I didn’t eat anything this morning, so I ate, and that didn’t help.

I’m off in about 4 hours and will likely go to the ER if it’s not better or is worse. I would leave work, but I work for kind of like an employment agency and they send me to different medical offices. There’s one I’ve been dying to go to and wanted a foot in the door with and of course today is my FIRST day there!!! So I’m really, really not wanting to leave.

Also, I guess I should add, no bleeding and I had a bowel movement yesterday and only go about every two days. But I don’t really think that’s what it is because the pain seems much more on the surface then where constipation discomfort usually is.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?! Or what I can do to help it??

ALSO! I’m still feeling regular baby movement.