12 DPO, 3 negative tests: what can this mean?

Nish • Trying for a baby. It`s a scary, exciting and life changing journey that we have embarked on. Can`t wait!
Hi ladies,  I am trying for my first child and I am 12 Dpo today but no sign of period! I had a pregnancy test on 23rd Aug IE 1 day after my period was due. Had a blood test that was negative as well and a third test yesterday at 11 Dpo which was negative even when I used the first morning urine. I ovulated 7-11th August. I have no idea what's going on as my period is like clockwork. I've been having cramps in my pelvic area, increased vaginal discharge that looks like hand lotion (sorry), irritable and erratic  sleeping pattern. I don't want to make myself believe that these are pregnancy symptoms but I am at a lost as to what to do next.