I feel sick


I read this article and this woman said her first abortion was her best. And then went on to say not I said first (implying she had more). She said I dont think I killed any babies. Fetuses are not people. Let me tell you something. I work in an operating room. I have seen women come in for their D&C for miscarriages (yes we also do abortions but I dont not participate in those).

I had 2nd trimester one once and it was a baby, it had 2 feet, 2 hands and a head. Just because it didnt survive doesn't make it less of a person. I feel sick when women come to work 20 weeks pregnant and are getting an abortion- they can feel their babies. Babies cry, hiccup, dream, smile in the womb. They are people. They already love their mom.. I hate people. I hate hate hate people. I want nothing more than to have another miracle in my belly. And these people are just throwing theirs away.

I wish for every abortion in the world a woman struggling with infertility gets a baby. Can we do that god ? Can you take those unloved babies and put them in the wombs of the moms who are praying and hoping for their miracle?

I'm sorry for this sad post ladies I just needed to vent.

Please pray with me for all the lost children of the world and hope that in heaven they are happily playing with god not knowing they were unloved.