Creepy crawly feeling

Hannah • Blessed and grateful mommy to Isobel Saoirse~born 3-26-19~

Izzy has always had consistent motions, but for the past week she’s switched up her routine and it’s hilarious to me. Instead of her kicks and occasional stretching, she shoves her ass into my side constantly, rolls, and waves her hands and kicks her feet (came out of the chair at work bc her foot was...ahem...very low and uncomfortable 😅). She’s stretching basically all the time now (it’s sooooo uncomfortable, but so silly to me that I cant Help but laugh).

I did not think I’d be this obsessed with her movements. The thought of a human being moving around in my belly always kinda grossed me out (and tbh the first couple of times I felt her body move instead of just a kick, it creeped me out). Obviously I’ve always wanted biological children, but I wasn’t wild about being pregnant and hated it my first trimester (I think that’s fairly normal).

I am OBSESSED with her, and she’s not even here yet. I never thought she’d already have so much personality and spunk. While I’m not sure I’ll have another baby, and definitely not anytime soon, I am loving being pregnant a helluva lot more than I ever expected. I can only imagine how much more I’m going to love this little feisty girl when she gets here. I can’t believe it’s only 9 weeks until I get to see her