Gotta brag about our sex haha

So we havnt seen each since the first week of November.

My boyfriend came over and I’m dressed in a flannel with booty shorts, his favorite thing on me. I’m on the fifth floor of my dorm and his key card doesn’t work at the rooms. I go done to get him and as we walk up the stairs and the whole time I feel his eyes on my ass.

We get to my room and I’m thankfully home alone and I have a separate room. We get in and he undressed himself and I take off my shorts. He turns around and unbuttons my flannel and I’m wearing white lingerie, and he loves me in white. He literally gasped and told me how sexy I look. We make out and I turn around and take my undies off and he takes off my bra, he pulls my back to him and played with my tits and whispers in my ear how fucking much he missed me and asked if I missed him and I told him I missed him so fucking much.

I got on my knees and started sucking him off how he liked it and he’s just moaning and then, like a fucking fanfic says:

“I can’t take it I need to fuck you right now”

And he pushes me down and lines up with me and so sweetly asked if I was ready and when I said yes he plunges in and I had forgotten how fucking massive he was haha, I couldn’t keep quiet. He fucked me so fast and has to make him stop a second and asked him to just go slow and deep, and he hit a spot after that I had never felt before. I started begging him to stop cause it felt so good and I didn’t think I could take it and he’s like “you can do it baby I know you can” and I came shaking and started begging him to cum in me and he finally did a bit later. He pulls out and sits back and I am STILL shaking. He sits back and is just smirking and he kept telling me how sexy I looked and getting dressed I’m STILL SHAKING and I’m like hey that smirk off your face and he’s like this is a great ego boost haha. He literally COULD NOT stop smiling and smirking the whole time and I’m just a blushy mess.

And the best part?

He couldn’t give two shits I was on my period haha