After 6 months!


After 40+ dollars out the pocket. 5 months of negative testing. 5 months of believing it will never happen, devastation when Mother Nature arrives, tears in the shower wondering what is wrong with me, long talks with my S/O about going to the doctor to make sure we are good to have a baby, talking with a friend about her pregnancy, talking with my dad about this (he’s my best friend), crying on the bathroom floor in my dads arms, an so much more. I FINALLY FINALLY GOT MY BFP! Girls, that are trying every month to conceive keep trying. It will all work out when the time is right. Don’t stress to much, I know it’s hard. I can’t imagine what some are going through trying for years and years and nothing. I would literally go insane ! So bravo to the ones that has been trying for many months and years that still hold their head up! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

^Test was taken today !

Story time of how I first found out; (VVVFL)

The day I got my first faint line. I was at work on Saturday, my S/O and I were texting about how he’s been stressed and etc. I told him let’s stop trying for a baby right now. Because Christmas has kinda broken us. Right after we got done I was sitting outside on lunch around 6pm. I just got done eating and I was smoking a cigarette when a coworker asked me if I was pregnant. I said no ,why? She said, “You are actually eating on lunch.” That’s when I realized I never eat on lunch. So I got up and went to get a pregnancy test. I was about to throw it away when I saw the second faint line. I instantly took a picture posted it on here. As I was leaving the bathroom I called my S/O freaking out. And that was how my Saturday January 12,2019 happened!

I was 10DPO on Saturday.