When your friends bring their sick child around


So today my toddler and I went out to a group gathering and one of my friends usually attends. Except last week all of her kids got hand foot and mouth disease. So because it's contagious for ages after the spots go away i said we wouldn't be seeing her for at least a couple of weeks. Anyway today only a couple of days after her youngest childs spots healed she came to our playgroup. With all of her kids. We are normally pretty good friends but this irritated me soooo badly because 1- i have a relative that absolutely can not risk catching this and we are about to go and visit that relative and 2- i flat out told her not i did not want to risk catching it.

Her explanation was that the spots had healed so as long as she kept washing the kids hands my child shouldn't catch it. I find this ridiculous. . I kept my child away from hers but they kept trying to come to us and her son was basically climbing on me. Am i just being way over the top or would this annoy you too?

It got to a point where two of her kids were fighting with eachother and basically kept bumping into me and my child. She wouldn't tell her kids to cut it out and i snapped a little and told them to cut it out and then and only then was she quick to tell them to take it elsewhere. I normally don't ever take to correcting someone elses kids ever but today i was so stressed out thinking about what she just knowingly exposed my toddler too simply because she just wanted to 'get out of the house for a while'

Was i wrong? Am i wrong for being so irritated by this?