What do you think happened? Advice.

Okay. So, I’m dating a guy in the army, have been together 7 months and 2 days now. He went to drill Friday, came home that night and said he was gonna stay with a friend down there on Sunday night. I said okay. Saturday & Sunday we barely talked. Which I knew he could be busy but I still texted anyways to let him know I loved him and stuff. Well, he was acting off. Lately he has been acting strange but I was thinking maybe he just wanted time to himself so I was ignoring the feeling I was having, he called me Saturday night and said he was gonna go to bed he just went outside to smoke because he cant smoke inside the thing. Sunday morning he woke up to a long message about how I cared and loved him because I was just in one of those moods to do so. Well, we talked on and off and then he called me. So I answered. Now, before I get called a cunt, or control freak his car needs new tires and breaks. His friend lives the same distance from where I live just the opposite direction. I told him just to be careful but I would rather him come home instead of going so far out of the way in case something happened. Well he was kinda rude about it so I just ignored it because I didn’t want to argue over something silly. & he randomly had said “I’m just not clingy” and I was like “oh? Okay.” Because when we first got together he said he was crazy clingy and I said I was too just so much worse and when we are together around 7 months that I will batshit crazy clingy. And guess he thought I was lying🤷‍♀️. So this kinda like hurt because he said that knowing I am so close to him. Okay now when we first got together, he always cared about how i felt, and my feelings. For a while now he has been acting rude and careless. I cry, when he hurts my feelings because I’m just a bitch about it and my feelings get hurt super easy. And plus I just started AF, so the past few days has been emotional asf. Well, he has an ex wife his family loves a lot and blah blah yay me. She still hangs out the house when he isn’t there with his sister and his nanny. Soo this is the main thing now. Today we got in an argument over something silly I had someone to come get me and then he told me to stay after telling to leave. I went outside and talked to my friend. And came back in. We was good for an hour or two and then he started to work out. So I let him do his thing. There was a folded up paper on his bed which fell out of his Army bag way earlier when he was getting his charger out. I never thought anything of it I thought maybe his drill schedule for this year. I was wrong. I unfolded it, and saw a receipt from a hotel, the day he was suppose to be at his friends house. With his ex’s name on it... I was gonna hide it and act like I didn’t see it to figure out how to bring it up but he saw my face and asked me what was wrong and I asked what it was. He looked and I just looked down and couldn’t stop shaking at all. He left the room and talked to his nanny and came back 30 seconds later and started to love on me. I knew something was going on. So I asked him how it got there. Because you know, she could’ve paid for him to stay there, or other stuff.. anyways. I just kept asking how it got there. He said she brought him his laptop, and I said oh. And asked why he didn’t call me and he said because I don’t have a car and that I had no other way there which I could’ve gotten a way there... I know I could’ve. It was suppose to be his Nanny’s idea for her to bring that to him. I’m not sure. I asked how he knew when she got there, and he said how else. So they was texting and the messages were deleted.. I’m devastated and heartbroken. He had no reason to be upset. I did. I was the one who was hurt. He told me to leave so I told him to take me to my moms work. On his history on his phone, he had looked up the same hotel. I asked why and he said he didn’t. Then he wouldn’t give me his phone to prove it to him. So I walked out and waited for him to get in the car because he was on his phone. When he got in I asked why he deleted it and he said he didn’t. But still didn’t let me have his phone. I called my mom on the work phone. And I was crying she was asking what was wrong and I couldn’t talk and told her I would be there soon. He said he swears he didn’t cheat on me and that he wouldn’t do that to me but he lied to me about that. So I don’t know. It hurts. I wanna cry but it hurts to cry now. He’s at his house and I’m at mine right now. He’s sleeping I assume. He is suppose to come get me in the morning for us to talk it out. I want advice or something. No rude comments please 😭