I’ve got a stalker...


Sooo I know some of you will have rude, negative things to say but please don’t bc I’m emotionally not at a point where I can handle that well.

Long story short:

I am almost 21 but when I was 16 I started dating my best girl friend’s best guy friend but we were long distance bc they lived in a different state, a few hours away. He is almost 2 years older than me. It was very innocent but we both fell fast and we were each other’s first real S/O. We would text and FaceTime all the time and it was great. We started dating in the summer and in the fall my mom took me to go see my friend and him. We had our first kiss (like ever for both of us) and it seemed so wonderful. Then I got to go see him at his graduation in May. We by that point had started sending nudes and sexual texts. His mom found out and freaked and told my parents who flipped! So they told me I wasn’t allowed to talk to him anymore and they took my cell phone and told me it was over bc I was so young and shouldn’t be doing that kind of stuff with some guy. So time went on and I bought a burner phone so I could keep talking to him without them knowing. Fast forward to the spring before I left for college... he cane to see me and I lied to my parents and ended up meeting up with him and I lost my virginity. I was secretly devastated I had done that. So I was of the mindset that bc we had done that then we would have to eventually get married. So I kept the relationship going and we met up a lot when I went off to college. I noticed however that he started becoming rude and had less time for me. Then it became all about sex and nudes and anyway to get him off. And finally he raped me when I told him I didn’t wanna have sex anymore until marriage bc I had recently become more involved in church and religiously for me, having sex before marriage is wrong. I didn’t think of it as rape at the time but I literally woke up with him having sex with me on multiple occasions or I’d be in so much pain I’d tell him to stop and push him away and he wouldn’t until he finished. Finally June 2018 (after 4 years) I broke up with him over FaceTime (bc he lives so far away). He kept threatening me and telling me he would do stuff to hurt my family if I didn’t keep contact so I did until September when I finally broke down and told my mom and Dad and they were super understanding and supportive. But he’s been stalking me, my friends, family, business I’m involved with, organizations I’m involved with, etc. he’s threatened me on multiple occasions and I’ve taken legal action but nothing seems to stop him. I’m so tired of it and I’m ready to have my life back, one where he will just leave me alone.

So in saying all this, I need prayers and good thoughts my way as I keep dealing with this.

Also if I think of anymore details or if anyone has questions I may update at some point.