Did you KNOW you were pregnant, tested negative, only to find later you were?

My AF is in 2 days.. 
I've had a negative test 10 and 12 dpo (12dpo was first morning urine). My husband and I have been trying for about 8 months now, and I feel so so different this month. Breast sensitivity and enlargement for about a week now, lots of bloating, fatigued, increase in sweating, eggwhite- like discharge typical of ovulation WAY past ovulation, sensitivity to smells, craving sweets but get full easily, body aches, slight cramping at different points. Crazy but I even dreamt I got my BFP- which has never happened before. Husband even said sex felt different last night- like I felt different inside! 
I know I can only trust my intuition and be patient. I scoffed at people who said they just "knew" they were pregnant, but now I understand. 
I plan on waiting to test after my missed AF later next week, but need some reassurance and your stories, so I'm not going completely nuts over here... 😩