You probably shouldn’t do that here....


So I’m returning to work March 1. My job is not a typical run of the mill, sit behind a desk kind of job. Although sometimes I wish it was. I’m solely responsible for the safety and security of a facility from 730am-4pm M-F off on the weekends. I get a lunch break, however, I can be “called” away from it to deal with situations. I know Federal Law says I have the right to pump breast milk while working. I also know that in my job, I can’t just take a pumping break. I’m the only person in the facility that has my job responsibilities. I can’t call for anyone to “cover” for me while I pump. My body is used to pumping bc that’s something I have done from day 1. I’ve been using the Medela Symphony (hospital grade) pump. It’s a rental because my insurance is a little different. This pump is very cumbersome and will be a pain to tote back and forth. My insurance will buy a non-hospital grade pump once I return the rental. So, 2 questions really.

1. Any suggestions on discreet pumping? (Like I need to basically use bathroom breaks as pumping breaks.)

2. Anyone have experience with the Freemie pump??? Freemie Liberty Mobile pump is what I’m looking at.