What would you do?


I saw this in another group haven't really seen much on it but it kind of hit home with me I have a younger sister expecting. I have baby cloths but I'm not done having kids just yet and most of it I have bought. I've saved them for that reason with every so often exchanging them to get better fitting cloths from once upon a child store. I have been told/asked to go through everything given to me by my mom. There wasn't much given to me and regardless of that who can even remember what was given from like three years ago I cant. I ended up having to buy alot of things which was fine but it took alot of waiting for the right time saving up and looking out for sales. Dont get me wrong I love cute clothing but baby cloths that cost more sehhh kind of bugs me. Knowing my sister she doesn't exactly take care of things I've let her borrow things and got them back ruined. Some of them I've asked if she could replace never happened anyway which oh well my loss. That's mainly the first concern getting it back destroyed or never seeing it again. I dont want to replace what ever is lost because it would put a damper on our finances. I already had to buy a whole other set of clothes because we had a boy 😅. I was told I was having a girl and found out later that girl was a boy. I see this type of content go out about lending to friends but never with family. So if this has happened how did you deal with it? My sister and her boyfriend both work sooo I'm stuck.

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