We Think My Husband Has Sexsomnia!?

For the past couple of weeks my husband has been aggressively trying to have sex with me in the middle of the night. As I start talking to him and asking questions, like why is he suddenly so horny, it’s like a flip switch and he gets really angry and confused. It happened last night again, ending with him freaking out at me for asking him why he was kissing me so much, etc.

This morning he woke me up before he left for work to ask me why I was mad at him. I was extremely irritated because he was the one who flipped out on me for absolutely nothing... in the middle of the night. He had me recount the fight and what happened last night. He then said he wanted to talk to me, and was scared that he had sexsomnia because he could barely remember the fight but didn’t remember anything before that at all. He told me he was terrified of hurting me or raping me or something and wanted to sleep on the couch for the next few weeks. He already has some other type of sleep disorder where he wakes up multiple times a night after every REM cycle.

Does anyone have this or know of anyone who does have it? Is there treatment without doing a full out sleep study? I’ve already had to go through a sleep study and they’re very expensive and seem to lack accurate results with only one night of sleep monitored. I posted about this issue earlier in the week and women thought I was stupid, and thinking a hard on in the middle of the night was the same thing. Again, I’m married and have been in relationships for many years. I actually do understand what happens normally when men sleep. So please only reply if you understand the condition I’m talking about and have a serious respectable response.