pregnant or not?!?! HELPPPP

my boyfriend and i (both 15) were really horny on the 12th of january and we were touching each other, than he got his dick out and we tried putting it in but i was too tight so he just put it away. i got on top of him and started dry humping him and he ended up cumming in his pants. he said he went to the bathroom and cleaned up and urinated. a while after we tried putting it in again and it actually went in this time. but because it was hurting lots and bleeding he ended up only getting the tip in, then i pulled it out and went to the bathroom to pee.

i’m really worried that i could be pregnant because we weren’t using protection, but he didn’t cum inside of me and he said he didn’t pre-cum. it also says that i wasn’t ovulating at that time and this happened two days before my period. so i’m actually suppose to be on it now but i’m 3 days late. although my periods are irregular and most times they are usually late and it could be because of me stressing about this. but i don’t know if i should use plan b and take a morning after pill but i’m afraid it’s too late because this is the 5-6 day since this happened.