If you are trying or have been trying to conceive PLEASE READ!

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First of i want to start off by saying, God is big & knows exactly what he is doing! 
I have been trying to get pregnant for 8 LONG YEARS!!!! 
Since i was 19! I am now 26! When i was 19yrs old i got surgery done for a large ovarian cyst on my right ovary. 
Ever since that surgery i was convinced they messed me up or my cysts where not letting me get pregnant. After 5 years of trying i was CONVINCED i was infertile and was never goin to be able to have a baby. 
I used to go to alot of different gyns and everything seemed perfect. 
They used to find cyst here and there. 
I cried and cried so many times, got on my knees and prayed i lost count of how many times i did that. 
Last yr i met my now fiancé, told him about my situation and he told me even if we have to do treatments for you i will be here and pay and work my ass off for it, i will help you. I instantly felt in love with him. 
June comes of this year, i go for a culture check with my new Obgyn,
(after numerous culture checks with other docs) and guess what we found out i had an infection STI called Ureaplasms & Mycoplasma( PLEASE GOOGLE IT OR LOOK AT MY RECENT POST , I POSTED SOMETHING ABOUY IT AS SOON AS I WAS DIOGNOSED, VERY IMPORTANT TO READ ABOUT IT) -So i was scared and devastated, worst part was that I transmitted it to my fiancé, and That particular infection causea infertility! 
We were not able to tell how long i had it for, But some how i felt like i know i had it for a very long time because i was trying to get pregnant for a long time, i cried but have myself strength, i was scared that now i will really have to go on fertility treatments. My Obgyn put me on a two weeks medication, also my fiancé had to get treatment too for 14 days and no sex lol. 
I thought because i had it for so long i was going to probably meed a second round of the medication, i was preparing myself for the longjourney waiting ahead. 
Little did i know my ladies that i was perfectly fertile Very
Fertile indeed! The only thing that was blocking me from getting pregnant was the infection!!!!
14 days passed, it is now July 26. finished medication. Went back in for another culture check to make sure the infection was gone( I honestly thought it was still there) & NOOO more Ureaplasma nor mycoplasma!!! 
& than!!!! Powwwwww! 
Today August 29 i am pregnant!! Got my first BFP exactly 2months later which flew by!! 
Ladies please please have your docs test you for it when they do a culture check please!! Ureaplasma & Mycoplasma show no symptoms!!! 
I hsvr so much faith that this is the only thing Stopping future beautiful mommies to be from getting pregnant! 
Trust me when i say, you will remember this post for ever! 
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎀💙💋💫💫💫😩 baby dust to everyone may my sticky bean send out alot of positive energy and dudt to you all!
PLEASEEEE don't hesitate in asking any questions!
No question, is a stupid question. 🎊🎉🎉🎉🌸  godbless