OMG!! IUI #2


So I just finished my round of Clomid (CD 5-9) yesterday. Went in for an US and bloodwork to see where I’m at as far as ovulation goes and low and behold they say “You’re ready! Let’s do the <a href="">IUI</a> TODAY!” Y’all I started crying happy tears. When my husband and I left the house this morning I said to him “It’s a beautiful day to make a baby”. I’m ecstatic and hopeful and nervous...I feel all the emotions right now. Prayers are needed and greatly appreciated 🤞🏼✨✨🥳 THIS IS GOING TO BE OUR MONTH


My husband had 18 million sumo swimmers (grade 3 and above) for this

<a href="">IUI</a>

which is incredible considering he only had 3.2 million for our first go round last month! Feeling super hopeful!!! Baby dust and good luck to you ladies!! ✨✨