Im unsure about pregnancy.

I thought you need to have a regular cycle in order to get pregnant. I have puked twice in the last week each time being in the morning. But its only water and its soon after i wake up. I dont have a regular cycle id say mine comes 3 times a year if that. I should be on birth control trying to get that fixed but just worried cuz i have been on birth control before and i bled for almost a whole month straight. And i dont want that again. I havent had my period since February, i haven't taken a pregnancy test cuz i have taken several before thinking i was pregnant but each time turning out false. My boyfriend said "morning sickness" to me when i told him i puked again but i was like noooo way cuz its only when i wake up hungry. I do have a doctors appointment on Wednesday so we will see. It would be a miracle if i was pregnant and i would be pretty happy.