I'm throwing in the towel ✌


After 13 months of trying to conceive, I'm giving up! I've been tracking cervical positioning and cervical mucus, taking prenatals, Geritol, and using Pre-Seed. And still haven't conceived!!! I see all these posts of women getting pregnant in their first month of trying to conceive and it frustrates me. I torture myself in the TWW, being a symptom spotter. Only to slip into a deep depression and hate myself when AF shows up.

The women who have no fertility issues and get a BFP in the first month or first few months of TTC have NO IDEA the real struggles of TTC.

I'm happy for them and their exciting miracle of life. I just cannot subject myself any longer to the community and the group discussions. I know I sound bitter but at least I'm aware of it. I will definitely say a prayer for all you women out there who are struggling just like me, I hope the Lord blesses you tremendously. I wish I could send baby dust to all, but I can't even catch any for myself. God Bless you all🙏