Dear plus sized mommas to be...

Dear plus sized momma to be,
 If you're anything like me, you're staring into the mirror, wondering if you'll ever have that cute baby bump every skinny pregnant woman you've ever seen has. You're searching high and low for those cute clothes that show everyone you're pregnant, not just a big girl. You're wondering if you're going to gain 100 pounds and be 10x bigger after you have this precious miracle you feel so blessed to have been given. You're scared your weight will harm your baby, because every one has told you all the horrible things that could go wrong. Well don't worry plus sized momma to be, you're going to be just fine. That miracle will be smiling at you soon. You'll forget all the "what ifs" all of the negative comments and see perfection in those beautiful eyes your perfect body created. Yes, that's right, I said perfect. You'll never love your body more than you do the day that baby is born, and you'll never be able to hate it again for what it's been able to give you. So enjoy this fragile time momma to be, it goes by much faster than you can imagine. ❤️