Jealous or controlling?

a childhood friend passed away, for a drug overdose & I was telling my boyfriend about it and I was crying because we grew up together we were in elementary through high school together so we did talk a lot I even had a crush on him in middle school.. I later find out he’s gay not that there’s anything wrong with it but my boyfriend seemed bugged about the whole thing. Is it wrong for me to cry or is he being jealous (of a dead man) can someone help me explain that I am human and I do have feelings and he’s gay and now dead so can he please stop being an ass :( all I want is a shoulder to cry on and let it all out..

I’m not grieving on his sexuality I was making a point to my boyfriend.. because he thought he was a straight man,.. so I was telling him I was like 14 & when we went into high school I found out he was actually gay, because he rejected me or any other girl who put moves or tried flirting & he had a boyfriend up until now that this happened..