Successful membrane sweep and super fast delivery!

Brianna • Frederick May 2016. William January 2019! ♥️ Stay at home mom with Hashimotos ♥️

So I had my 39 week appointment today and my doctor offered to strip my membranes. I was four cms and, since this is my second child, he advised me to come in if I had any contractions lasting from then (11:30 am) to 1:30. I had contractions, however they were not consistent and about 6 minutes apart. My entire pregnancy I’ve suffered from constant Braxton Hicks and felt as if these contractions were going to taper off.

I walked around a bit and the contractions bounced around for the next 3 hours. 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 7 minutes. 30 seconds long, 1 minute long. Basically all over the place. I called my mother in law to come watch my son, so that my husband and I could at least get checked out once he got home from work around 5:30. She got there a bit before six and we drove to the hospital, arriving at 6:15.

L&d, unfortunately, was slow. Their computers weren’t working and it took about 30 mins before I got a cervix check. I could feel the contractions come every 3 minutes but they seemed short. One nurse even commented “oh what a small 15 second contraction”. When they checked me around 6:45/7, I was at a 6.

My contractions quickly became more and more painful to the point I was almost in tears. I could feel myself dilating and was trying to breath through them. I told them that I would take the epidural once they got me to my room. I apologized to my husband and nurse for being such a baby. Here I thought I would try to go med free and I was crying in pain at about (what I thought) was 7 cms. Finally around 7:45 they bring me to the room. My mom walks in less than 5 minutes later and I’m in tears, while realizing my body was pushing. I had to yell at her to get the nurse! I had gone from a 6 to a 10 in less than an hour, and now I realize why I was in so much pain. My waters literally exploded 3 minutes before my son was born, 3 contractions from getting set up in our delivery room. Thank goodness he was a tiny little thing, because that hurt. I think it would have been better had someone given me more information and told me he was already crowning! I figured I was going to be pushing for a while.

It took me a while to calm down, I think my body was in shock from how fast I progressed. I tore to a two and every time the dr touched me to stitch me up or clean me I jumped. Amazingly I’m in very little discomfort now and hope that continues into tomorrow.

William Alexander, 6 pounds even 19 inches long. Born less than 2 hours after arriving in the hospital. About 8 hours after membrane sweep.