I’m really lost and idk why

I’m just trying to reach out to anyone that cares to reply because idk who to express my feelings to cause I feel as if know one truly gets it or cares enough more to say “I’m here for you”. I’m so depressed and I honestly just don’t know why. I have a good job, finally got an apartment for me and my 2 year old son, I have an amazing best friend. But I mean I know some of the things that are bothering me but I just can’t help to feel so defeated, hopeless, sad, alone, energy is drained so much I just wanna lay down all day. I was so happy just a month ago and this all hit me like a damn train. I’ve tried anti depressants, they do Not do shit for me. I feel like I can’t breathe as in, I’m with my son constantly besides work and I know other moms will get this but sometimes we just need a damn break and I need one. Even if it’s just a few hours to be alone or go do something I’d appreciate but no one can ever watch my child or wants to. Money stresses me out cause I’m a single mom, with a high rent and I feel like I’m just struggling paycheck to paycheck and it makes me feel like a bad mother cause I want to give my son so much more than I can afford and I just feel like complete shit!!

I just want to be happy :(