He's here! 2 days before DD

Adriana • Mommy to Son Tj 👦('14) Jace👶('19) My Angel girl👼 in heaven, Baby Due Aug 24th!

So I was scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday and even though I was hoping the spiral block would work so that Daddy-to-be would be there with me, it didn't take. So general anaesthetic and I was asleep within seconds. But woke up to my son's beautiful face and fought off the last of the medicine to stay awake and hold him and was for my bf to come to the recovery room. My hormones made me cry because he couldn't be there with me. But he didn't care. He was happy that baby boy was finally out lol we've been so patient and counting down the days for the last month. He looks a lot like my oldest son and is very much a cuddler like him too. Say hello to Jace Davis 😍